COTTONWOOD CLUB UPDATES | Saturday, 4.4.2020

I am sure I share the sentiment with every Member that summer cannot come fast enough! I am really looking forward to fighting for a chair around the pool!

I want to let you know that the club is temporarily waiving our standard 2% credit card fee. I just paid my bill with my Amex and it feels good to check something off my list, all while earning miles. Thanks to most of you who have already paid your bill. I know in this time of uncertainty; your country club bill seems like an easy bill to skip. However, as owners, we need to preserve the club so it will be in great shape for the future. Please log on and pay your bill. Now may be a good time to set up autopay! I am hoping the club will be fully operational by Memorial Day, but we will continue to evaluate this rapidly changing situation. Please continue to practice social distancing to keep our community healthy!

I have enjoyed watching the activity at the club from a distance. In the interest of being a transparent leader, I want to share with you that my family has been under self-isolation. My daughter and her boyfriend returned from a study abroad program in Spain, both testing positive for COVID-19 at different times. Jeff and I have been self-isolating since March 6th and will continue per CDC guidelines. We both tested negative on March 23rd, and hopefully will continue to be healthy. We have been slightly excessive about washing our hands and have used a lot of Clorox wipes! Thank you for all the kind words, help and support especially from our friends at the Cottonwood Club. We will get through this together. Take-out has been great, but toilet paper is growing scarce!

Meanwhile I am enjoying all the great ideas coming from Jonathan and Lizzie (over the phone of course).  I have enjoyed checking out the Instagram account, this definitely gives me FOMO (fear of missing out). I am still learning social media acronyms!  We are looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

See You Soon!
Alice Williams
Club President
Cottonwood Country Club Members,

I echo Alice’s message and am looking forward to the opportunity to see each of you around the pool and in the dining room this summer.  With all that is going on in the world right now, these will be welcome distractions. 

I want to take this opportunity to update each of you on what is going on here at the Club and let you know what we are doing to continue to provide value and engagement to our membership.  These are extremely challenging and stressful times.  Most of us have never experienced anything like this pandemic, and it is natural for us have questions, concerns and opinions about how the Club may be handling this situation.  Hopefully this message will provide a little insight into the thoughts and discussion that our Board of Directors and Management Team have been having over the last few weeks.

Last week I had the unfortunate responsibility of furloughing all part-time associates here at the Club.  This is something that businesses across the country have had to do to stay afloat.  Please know that this decision was not made lightly.   But it was necessary, so that we can continue to be fiscally responsible over the next few months.  There are a lot of unknowns that we will be dealing with, but this much we DO know:  with some of our club amenities closed, coupled with a significant reduction to our revenue from Tennis and Food and Beverage, we needed to cut a considerable amount of our labor expense.  Our part-time staff accepted the unfortunate news well, and we look forward to the day later this spring (hopefully), or summer, when we can welcome these associates back to the Club.
By furloughing these individuals, we have been able to provide our full-time associates with near full-time hours.  And we have them doing tasks that they are not accustomed to doing.  But they have all done an amazing job adjusting to new responsibilities.  We cancelled the outside company that was cleaning our clubhouse & Court3 restrooms and have instead been able to provide hours for members of our Food and Beverage Team in completing these tasks.  We have transitioned Lizzy away from Banquets, and asked her be the leader of our “To Go Member Experiences” and Member Communication.  She hit the ground running this past week by getting our social media accounts active with new content, worked with our culinary team in creating Family Style Meals, delivery service and an Easter Brunch To-Go package.  She will continue to present exciting new experiences like our Kids’ Easter Decorating Kit and many other things to come.  Our service staff is prepared to become delivery drivers and have helped with general club maintenance and organization. We have asked our golf and tennis professionals to create video content, and we have transitioned our office personnel to work from home 3 days per week.  Each member of the team has rolled with the punches and been a positive force, in an extremely challenging time.  I cannot thank each of these associates enough and look forward to getting them back all into their comfort zones in the near future.

Our goal is to continue to expand our member experiences and build our member engagement during this time.  This takes time, adjustment, investment and support.  Please continue to support the Club, provide your feedback to me or other members of the team, and be prepared to have some fun ... even if it is done in your home, instead of at the Club. 

The Federal Government presented the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act) earlier this week.  We have spent considerable amount of time reviewing this and finding out what applies to our business.   There are some great opportunities for us in the Act to provide relief, and we will look at ways to implement these over the coming weeks.  One portion of this Act is the Payroll Protection Loans from the SBA.  These Loans are to be used to cover essential expenses (Payroll, Utilities, etc.) to maintain operations, and then these loans had the potential to be forgiven.  Unfortunately, as a 501 (c)(7) non-profit organization, the Club is excluded from eligibility in this program.  While many non-profit organizations qualify for these loans, non-profit social clubs do not.  The Club Management Association of America has started a petition to get social clubs on the eligible list, and I have sent a letter to our Congressional leaders in this regard a few days ago.  We’ll see where this goes, but for now, our club doesn’t qualify.  We will continue to look for opportunities and programs to help through this pandemic.  I would encourage each of you, who may own or work for small businesses to take advantage of relief opportunities like the CARES Act.
The Club itself has a considerable amount of assets to care for.  We are continuing to act appropriately so that we can be set up for success in the near and distant future.  Darrell, our facilities manager, is working with a reduced team of associates to continue to take care of the golf course and other facilities.  He will be prepared to open the pool in the coming month, so that it will be ready to open when appropriate.  He will continue to work his magic on the rest of the facilities as well and will have it looking top notch like always.
Most importantly we are trying to provide safe, enjoyable experiences for each of you.  Please continue to stay safe and healthy.  Let us know how we can help you or your families throughout this time.  THANK YOU to all of our first responders, doctors, nurses and so many others for helping each of us get through this pandemic.  Again, I look forward to meeting each of you in person in the near future.

Keep an eye out on social media, Clubster and future emails for the exciting things the team has prepared for you.

Stay Safe & Healthy!
Jonathan Hall
General Manager

Cottonwood Country Club Members,

Once again, I hope that you are all remaining Safe and Healthy!

Real quick I wanted to touch base with all of you!  As you are probably aware, the Salt Lake County Mayor and Health Department issued a statement this afternoon.  This statement clarified and updated some of the items that the Governor discussed on Friday.  In addition to the directive that the Governor gave us, we have now received a “Mandatory Order”, with clarification from the County leaders.

With this Order and after much thought and consideration, we have decided that the Tennis & Pickleball Courts will be closed until at least April 13th, or until further notice.  This decision is not made lightly, but we felt that this is in the best interest of the Membership of the Club and will provide all of us the best opportunity to get through this Pandemic safely.

The Golf Course will remain open for now, but PLEASE continue to avoid contact with other individuals, practice safe social distancing and avoid touching Flag Sticks or other public items.  Additionally, the Food and Beverage To-Go Operation will move forward.  This will be an exciting week for this amenity, as we look to add Family Style Meals, Delivery, and other Experiences To-Go.  Lizzy is updating our social media feeds regularly and sending messages via Clubster!

Our goal is to continue to provide a safe atmosphere for both members and associates.  We feel that these measures will help us to achieve this goal.  As with all that we have encountered over the last few weeks, these adjustments to our operations are subject to change.  Please check your email and the website frequently for updates.

As always, please remain at home if you have experienced any symptoms related to Covid-19 or have come in contact with anyone who has experienced these symptoms.  Let us know if there is anything that the Club can do to help you and your families through this difficult time.

Stay Safe and Healthy!
Jonathan Hall


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