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2024 Junior Golf Registration

Registration is closed for the 2024 Season. Junior Golf will start June, 3rd 2024. Please reach out to Head Golf Professional, Bradley Richard at [email protected] for questions about the program.

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Introduction Clinics: Green Leaf - Beginner (B Clinics) Recommended 1-4 sessions. 1 year or less experience. Generally fall in the 6-9 year old-age range.

Goals: White Leaf - Budding Star (B Clinics) Recommended 2-4 Sessions. 2 years experience.

Goals: Red Leaf - Player (A clinics) Recommended 2-4 sessions. 3 years experience.

Goals: Gold Leaf - Gamer (Junior League) 4 + years experience.

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Program Details

Cottonwood country club junior league

Price: $350 (3 days per week) 10:00am-12:00pm

The Cottonwood Country Club Junior League is a summer-long program (ages 9-14) that will include weekly instruction and competition. The curriculum is focused on development of more advanced playing skills and better understanding of competitive formats and rules. Current Gold Leaf and Red Leaf Junior Players are invited to participate and will be placed on the Ladder based on their performance during the season.

Four leaf junior clinics (Mon.-Wed.-Fri.)

Price: $90 per session (3 clinics per session) Clinic A- 1:00pm-2:30pm Clinic B- 3:00pm-4:30pm

Clinics will be sequential, and students will be grouped according to ability level. Testing will be skill-based and advancement through the program will be determined by ability to pass challenges in short game, putting, full-swing and rules & etiquette. Clinics will also include a significant amount of daily exercise and activities related to overall athletic development. Custom Club-fitting available through USKids & PING Golf.

Junior Golf Program Curriculum

The Cottonwood Country Club Junior Golf program will incorporate a sequential and skills based approach to advancement. The goal will be to earn all Four Cottonwood Leaves by the end of summer. The curriculum will be challenging and the students who earn the Gold Leaf will be allowed on the course by themselves.

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