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Cottonwood Country Club Swim & Dive 2024

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PLEASE NOTE: Swim & Dive Practice will be held rain or shine. If there is lightning involved in the storm, practice will be canceled. Meets will be canceled if there is lightning, but this will be determined at the time of the meet.

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2024 Season Practice Schedule

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  • The last day to sign up for meet is the Friday prior to Monday meet or the Monday prior to the Wednesday meet.
Meet Sign-Ups

  • Towels – 2 to 3 per swimmer
  • Swim Suit, Swim Cap, Swim Goggles
  • Extra Swim Cap and Swim Goggles
  • Team Shirt
  • Sunscreen & Hat
  • Chairs
  • Umbrella for Shade
  • Activities - games, books, etc.
  • Dinner/snacks - you can bring in a cooler and/or bag at most away meets

  • Arrive early and have your own Heat Sheet/Dive Sheet – bring a copy with you from the email and highlight your swimmer’s event number, heat number and lane number, or access it on your smart phone/iPad – this will save you the stress of having to go to the heat sheets posted on the wall to get your heat information. Many swimmers write the event/heat/lane on hand or leg to easily remember where to be.
  • Watch for your child’s upcoming races, there is an electronic event board in the northeast corner of pool. Kids like to socialize just like you, but try to keep an eye out for what event the meet is on in relation to your swimmer’s next event.
  • Ensure your kids get to their spot behind the starting block in plenty of time for their heat of their event (we suggest walking them over 2-3 heats before their heat). Sometimes events and heats are combined and so the meet suddenly moves ahead quickly.
  • Have fun and maybe a beverage or two.

Each season we ask our members to provide 1 volunteer per athlete participating on the team. We need volunteers for 3 home meets and Conference Championships. This is standard across the league. Please make sure to sign up using the sign up genius link our amazing team committee has put together for us. It will be in the signature of every team email sent out. If you are unable to volunteer at a meet. Let us know, we have other options. Please reach out to Coach Kristen [email protected] or the committee.

At the end of the season if your family has not provided volunteers a $250 fee per athlete will be applied to your member account. This fee is not refundable. 

2024 Volunteer Commitment for Swim & Dive Meets

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Helpful Links
Swim Committee
  • Katie Cederholm
  • Heidi Rowe
  • Libby Blemler
  • Erin Macintosh
  • Megan Donohue
  • Carolyn Jordan
  • Taylor Haverkost
  • Katie Winson
  • Federica Melis

Contact Information

Head Coach

Kristen Jones
[email protected]

Assistant Swim Coaches

Sian Bennet, Tanner Guderian, Tim Leonhart, Jeila Bacon, Diego Fortson.

Dive Coach

Kelli Hansen