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Registration is Open for the 2024 Season

2024 Fees:
  • Swim Team: $350
  • Dive Team: $350
  • Both: $375

Included with fees:

  • Practices M-F
  • Weekly Meets
  • Mentor Lead Afternoon Practices
  • Time Trials
  • Team T shirt
  • Team Logo Caps – not customized with athlete name
  • Pancake Breakfast
  • Donut Days
  • Banquet dinner for athletes and family.

Optional Opportunities:

  • 1 on 1 Private Coaching
  • Weekend Clinics
  • Team Suit
  • Team Apparel

Cottonwood Swim/Dive Registration

Swim Team Highlights 2023

6&U Free & Back

- Clara Cederholm took 4th in both strokes
- We had 4 boys in the top 10 of both strokes:

  • 2nd Johnny Bowers 23.86
  • 3rd Patrick Bennet 23.90
  • 4th Porter Pitti 23.94
  • 10th Hunter Wittenberg 29.33
  • 1st Johnny Bowers 23.08
  • 6th Porter Pitti 31.08
  • 8th Patrick Bennett 33.00
  • 9th Hunter Wittenberg 33.25

Let's hope these kids stick with swimming. They will be super fun to watch grow and continue developing their skills.

8&U Girls Medley Relay

1st - Dylan Winson, Ava Cederholm, Wynn Bower, and Scottie Kiefer 1:25.28

8&U Boys Medley Relay

3rd - Emmet Clark, Tristan Pitts, Wim Blemler, and Jack Haverkost 1:50.11

9-10 Girls Medley Relay

3rd - Grace Lewis, Farrah Willey, Rose Bowers and Quinn Turcauto 1:19.41

11-12 Boys Medley Relay

1st - Asher Turley, Caleb Arico, Gavin Mercer, and Wyatt Chandler 1:04.94

15-17 Girls Medley Relay

3rd - Lauren Foy, Liz Chandler, Audrey Thredgold, and Sophia Chrisiansen 2:12.69

15-17 Boys Medley Relay

3rd - Nick Barber, Laiken Swensen, Conner Swensen, and Alex Rampton 1:53.58

7-8 Girls 25 Free

1st - Wynn Bowers 16.50
4th - Scottie Kiefer 17.95

15-17 Girls 100 Free

4th - Audrey Thredgold 56.92

15-17 Boys 100 Free

3rd - Laiken Swensen 50.88

8&U Girls 25 Breast

1st - Ava Cederholm 19.68
3rd - Wynn Bowers 22.70

9-10 Girls 50 Breast

3rd - Farah Willey 46.09

13-14 Boys 50 Breast

1st - Andrew Shupe 30.25

15-17 Boys 100 Breast

2nd - Laiken Swensen 1:01.53

8&U 50 Free

1st - Ava Cederholm 35.64
2nd - Winn Bowers 39.12

11-12 Girls 100 IM

1st - Chloe Cederholm 1:09.59
3rd - Ruby Coleman 1:17.50

11-12 Boys 100 IM

1st - Gavin Mercer 1.14.05
4th - Jameson Donohue 1.26.57

13-14 Boys 100 IM

1st - Andrew Shupe 58.90

15-17 Girls 100 IM

2nd - Audrey Thredgold 1.06.54

15-17 Boys 100 IM

1st - Laiken Swensen 55.66
4th - Conner Swensen 57.07

7-8 Girls 25 Back "SWEEP"

1st - Ava Cederholm 20.01
2nd - Scottie Kiefer 20.78
3rd - Dylan Winson 21.30

9-10 Boys 50 Back

2nd - Cash Rowe 41.84

11-12 Girls 50 Back

1st - Chloe Cederholm 31.00 **New Club Record** Taylor Felton-Haverkost set the record in 1997 @ 32.69 and held the record for 26 years. CONGRATULATIONS CHLOE!

11-12 50 Boys 50 Back

1st - Gavin Mercer 33.95

8&U Girls 25 Fly

As a 6 year old Clara Cederholm swam up (meaning she raced 7 and 8 year olds) to place 5th - 23.82

9-10 Girls 25 Fly

2nd - Farrah Willey 16.44
3rd - Rose Bowers 17.13

11-12 Girls 50 Fly

1st - Chloe Cederholm 29.88
3rd - Ruby Coleman 32.23

11-12 Boys 50 Fly

1st - Gavin Mercer 33.13

13-14 Boys 50 Fly

3rd - Andrew Shupe 26.53

15-17 Girls 100 Fly

4th - Audrey Thredgold 1.08.31

8&U Girls 100 Free Relay

1st - Ava Cederholm, Scottie Kiefer, Dylan Winson, Wynn Bowers 1.09.06

11-12 Boys 100 Free Relay

3rd - Wyatt Chandler, Caleb Arico, Jason Shupe, and Gavin Mercer 58.65

13-14 Boys 200 Free Relay

4th - Mikey Haymond, Jameson Donohue, Topher Thredgold, and Andrew Shupe 2.05.85

15-17 Girls 200 Free Relay

3rd - Lauren Foy, Liz Chandler, Sophia Christiansen, Audrey Thredgold 1.56.19

15-17 Boys 200 Free Relay

3rd - Laiken Swensen, Alex Rampton, Nick Barber, and Conner Swensen 1:41.00

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2024 Swim Suits, Caps & Apparel

Cottonwood CC Swim Store


Pre Comp:

Pre-Comp is designed as a stepping stone from the lesson program to the Swim Team. Athletes need to be able to swim 25 yards freestyle before trying out for Pre-Comp. The coaches will introduce the swimmers to skills needed for competitive swimming, as well as help develop endurance and technique skills.

Expectations: 2 practices per week


First level of competitive swimming here at Cottonwood CC. This group is composed primarily of our 8-under swimmers. These swimmers have legal Freestyle and Backstroke. This group will emphasize stroke development and endurance. This group refines and builds upon fundamentals while introducing more advanced drills and efficient technique. There will also be a strong emphasis on developing and refining competition skills. Some specific skills being taught will include: legal technique in all four strokes, competitive turns, competitive starts, interval training with a pace clock and an introduction to training sets. Basic dryland routines will be incorporated each day before/after we swim to increase basic athleticism. Athletes need to wear a t-shirt, shorts and gym shoes over their swimsuit for dryland.

Expectations: 3 practices per week, 3 meets per season


This program is designed for swimmers striving for next level competitive swimming, There will be a strong emphasis on stroke mechanics and refining competition skills with the addition of interval training and conditioning.

Expectations: 4 practices per week, 5 meets per season


This senior team is composed of our top swimmers that exhibit a high level of performance and practice ability. While the majority of these swimmers are high school age and older, some younger swimmers may be invited to be on this team due to their ability and maturity levels. All Senior Swimmers are expected to be mature, dedicated, responsible, and reliable. Senior Swimmers should be highly motivated and equally organized, setting the bar for our team. This group has advanced technical skill and demanding training that prepares these swimmers for competition. At this time training volumes and intensities are increased. Swimmers are expected to attend all workouts at this level, as practices are designed specifically for individual race and stroke needs.

Expectations: 90% practice attendance, 6 meets per season

Junior Swim/Dive Team content 2

Mission • Core Values • Vision

Mission: Cottonwood Country Club Swim Team’s mission is to foster a culture of excellence in swimming by providing a supportive and challenging environment for all athletes, from beginners to elite competitors. We strive to instill a love for the sport and a commitment to hard work, teamwork, and sportsmanship in all of our swimmers.

Our team is dedicated to developing swimmers who embody the core values of integrity, perseverance, respect, and accountability. We aim to provide our athletes with the skills and techniques necessary to excel in the pool , as well as the character traits that will serve them both in and out of the water.

We believe that every swimmer has the potential to achieve greatness and we are committed to helping each of our athletes reach their full potential. We value hard work, dedication and a positive attitude. We are committed to creating a community of swimmers who support and encourage one another.

Our goal is to create swimmers who not only excel in the pool but who also make a positive impact on the world around them. We are dedicated to helping our athletes develop into confident, resilient and compassionate individuals who will be leaders both in and out of the water.

Vision: Reach Unlimited, Audacious Goals

Core Value: Provide a Safe and Supportive Environment