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Tennis Rules & Dress Code

All courts are reserved for up to one and one-half hour (90 minutes) periods from 7:00 A.M. until 10:00 P.M. daily. Reservations for bubble and outdoor courts may be made seven (7) days in advance by signing up on the online court reservation system. Court reservations will be forfeited fifteen (15) minutes after starting time. A fee equal to the 90-minute reservation rate ($16) will be assessed for "no shows".

The bubble walk-on rate for members is $16 for an hour and a half (90 minutes), $12 for 60 minutes, $6 for 30 minutes. There is no fee for members using outdoor courts. Guest fees are required for non-member children and adults on bubble and outdoor courts (see Guest Play).

Prepaid bubble time is for a specific time of play only and not for any specific court number. Players should expect to play on a different court each week. Season prepaid bubble rates are listed under Court Information/Tennis Bubble.

All players must check in at the activity lounge unless stated otherwise for events.

Tournament play takes preference over any reservation time. The tennis director will attempt to prevent any complications by assigning special courts for tournament play.

  • Tennis shoes and appropriate tennis clothing (including shirts) must always be worn on the court.
  • No food is allowed on the courts.
  • Tennis playing is restricted to tennis courts and the tennis backboard area.
  • All members, junior members and guests are expected to follow rules and exhibit appropriate behavior throughout the facilities.
  • The official rules of the U.S. Tennis Association will govern play. All players shall show courtesy for other players.