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Guest Play

Guests (non-club members) can participate in bubble groups or use outdoor courts as guests of a member. There must always be at least one Cottonwood Club member on the court in bubble groups and on outdoor courts.

Non-members participating in a bubble group will be required to prepay a fee of $400 for the full season of indoor play in the bubble. Non-members must pay separately for each group that they participate in (the $400 is not for unlimited indoor play, e.g. if a non-member plays in a group on Monday & Thursday, they will pay $800). Prepaid bubble group non-member guests have no limits on the number of times they play in their pre-paid full season bubble group.

A random non-member guest (i.e. a non-member who is subbing for someone in a group in which they are not a listed member) will be charged a $10 guest fee and will be limited to (6) visits per calendar year as stated in the general rules of the club. Junior players will be charged a $8 guest fee. Non-members are not allowed to purchase court time on their own (members must pay for guests).

It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that the guest fee is paid. Unpaid guest fees will be billed to the host members account and could also result in an additional fine.

Guests must check in at the activity lounge each time before play