Cottonwood Gym

The Cottonwood Gym, conveniently situated in the Activity Lounge just off the golf course. Escape the crowds and enjoy a serene workout environment with stunning views. Our private gym offers members the perfect setting to focus on their fitness goals without distractions.

Hours: 7am to 10pm



Group Fitness Activities

In addition to our private gym facilities, CCC offers a variety of group fitness activities designed to enhance your well-being and elevate your fitness journey. Join us for invigorating yoga sessions and soothing sound baths, conducted in a welcoming and supportive atmosphere. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or new to the practice, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Sign-ups for these fitness activities are conveniently available on the club calendar, making it easy for you to plan and reserve your spot.

Fishing at the CCC Pond

At Cottonwood Country Club, we offer more than just sports and recreation – we provide a tranquil escape for those seeking the joys of nature and outdoor leisure. Nestled within our grounds is a beautiful pond, inviting members to cast their lines and enjoy the art of fishing.

Kids 8 and under must be accompanied by an adult. We encourage catch and release. Barbless and artificial flies and lures only! 

Every summer, we kick off the fishing season with our Hick Finn Days Event. As part of this tradition, we stock the pond with an abundance of trout. It's a fantastic opportunity for members to come together, connect with nature, and indulge in a delicious Fish Fry made special by Chef Jeff and his team.

Bocce Ball Court

Located on the West Lawn, you'll find our Bocce Ball Court, inviting members of all ages to come and test their skills in this classic game of precision and strategy! Stop by the Tennis Office to pick-up a set of bocce balls.


Come explore the playground located on the east side of the pickleball courts next to Camp Cottonwood. Our playground offers a safe and engaging space for children to unleash their energy and creativity. With a variety of play structures, swings, and slide, there's no shortage of fun to be had for kids of all ages.

CCC Art Program

The Art Program has been shaped by a long legacy of caring members who, throughout the years, have volunteered their time and effort to provide members with the wonderful opportunity to appreciate original works of art at the Club.

In continuing the art traditions at the club, “Art for All” has been our goal as we strive to choose art that reflects and connects to all of us. Hanging many different styles and mediums encourages the idea of inclusion while supporting each member’s desire to find a place to belong. Our hope is that art nurtures our commonalities as we see ourselves reflected in the work.

Our program also provides a chance for members to connect with local artists. Their works enrich our space at the Club, and we have the opportunity to support artists in our community.

All artwork is for sale through Alayna McSweeney in the front office. You can find information and connect with artists though monthly bios in our newsletter. If you have an artist suggestion or recommendation please reach out to [email protected]