Programs and Lessons

Junior Golf Program Curriculum

The Cottonwood Country Club Junior Golf program will incorporate a sequential and skills based approach to advancement.  The goal will be to earn all Four Cottonwood Leaves by the end of summer.  The curriculum will be challenging and the students who earn the Gold Leaf will be allowed on the course by themselves.  These will be the role models for the future of the Club and Bradley wants everyone to know that he is committed to their healthy development by highlighting some very important values:
These ideas are applicable to every aspect of the life and Bradley has always made an effort to integrate them into his Junior development and instruction.

The reintegration of a ladder system and a team to participate in the PGA Junior Golf League will also be a goal for the upcoming season.


Introduction Clinics:  Green Leaf - Beginner (B Clinics) Recommended 2-4 sessions. 1 year or less experience.  Generally fall in the 6-9 year old-age range.
Goals:  White Leaf - Budding Star (B Clinics) Recommended 3-6 Sessions.  2 years experience.
Goals:  Red Leaf - Player (A clinics) Recommended 3-6 sessions. 3 years experience.
Goals: Gold Leaf - Gamer (Junior League) 4 + years experience.


  • Seven (7) Sessions available throughout the Summer at $60.00 (3 clinics per session)  for the Junior Clinics
  • $270.00 (3 days per week) to participate in the Junior League

This year with added precautions and to ensure we are adhering to recommended social distancing guidelines, clinics are strictly limited to 15 students.  There will be waiting lists for each session.  We look forward to meeting your Junior Golfer and developing their desire and skill for the game of golf. 

If you have additional questions, please contact Bradley Richard: